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It is only right for me to start this year’s blogmas with an highlight of activities to do for the 12 days of Christmas which starts today.

Tis the season to be jolly,

Fa la la la la la la la la

It’s my favourite holiday of the year and I’m just excited that we get to celebrate this year’s Christmas (Nope, Christmas is not cancelled, and Yep, it’s going to be lit)

But in the spirit of giving, I present to you 12 things you should do for the 12 days of Christmas.


Let’s go

1. Go Christmas shopping

the-galeries-lafayette-for-christmas- Tobi Achudume

One of the best seasons to shop for anything is the Christmas season. Why? Because a lot of brands have Christmas gift packages that makes shopping for Christmas present easier for you. Plus, it’s the holiday sales season, so you get awesome outfits and accessories for awesome prices.

2. Buy your travel tickets

christmas travel- Tobi Achudume

If you haven’t done this already, you still get the chance to do so before the prices become ridiculous. Though it’s the season of sales in every other sector, it is the season of gain in the tourism

and travel sector. Prices go up by the day. So get your tickets now and plan your awesome holiday, maybe with family or friends.

3. Wrap your Christmas gifts

wrap christmas gifts- Tobi Achudume

One of my favourite things about giving gifts is wrapping the gift. It is therapeutic for me and I put in more love into the gift I am giving (If I do say so myself). While wrapping of gifts is a natural for some, some others need more time and effort to get it right. So, start wrapping early so you don’t just use brown bags to give your gift.

4. Watch Christmas movies

Watch a movie- Tobi Achudume

Confession time, I typically start seeing my Christmas movies in November. That’s how much I love these movies. Christmas movies are very chilled and relaxed, and they always have a Christmas miracle in it. And they are perfect for family time.

5. Christmas dinner with family and friends

christmas dinner-Tobi Achudume

Food in Christmas is prepared with love and even better, eaten with love. Christmas is a perfect season to eat as a family around the dining table. Here, you can chat about any and everything. All in the spirit of Christmas.

6. Give to a charity or orphanage

Christmas is also the season for giving. There are so many people that will love to celebrate Christmas but cannot afford to. Show them some love by giving to them. You may not know exactly where to go to find them, but you can start with orphanages and charity organisations.

7. Study about the reason for the season

bible study- Tobi Achudume

Often times, we get carried away with the festive season, the eating, dancing and merriment that we forget that the centre of the season is Jesus. Though not exact dates, but we have this celebration because it was chosen as the date to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So, this season, study about him and get to know him better than you do already. You can never read too much about him.

8. Make a playlist of your Christmas songs

My playlist usually starts with “Holy night”, and then I add in Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You”. There is just something about Christmas songs that puts you in the spirit. If you have not created a playlist yet, you should do that now, so you are not hurrying to create one on Christmas day.

9. Take pictures of as many Christmas trees as you can find

Christmas trees are the perfect symbol for the holiday. Last year, I took pictures of about 10 Christmas trees and they all looked different but beautiful. I started this year again, and it’s been fun. It’s an opportunity to admire people’s creativity and they always look so beautiful. Plus, it adds an extra fun to the already fun season.

10. Admire the lights on the streets

I know the Christmas trees already have lights but the lights on the streets look so beautiful. So, take a walk or drive through and just admire the lights, its beauty, especially in the

evenings. The different decorative styles and creativity is just amazing.

11. Go to the Christmas markets

They have everything for everyone in the Christmas markets. There is something for the kids, the teenagers, and the different age groups of adults. You could go there to walk around the different stores, watch the kids play and sit and eat the local food. You are spoilt with options. And on the 12 days of Christ mas, this is one of the things you definitely should be doing.

12. Take family pictures

family pictures- Tobi Achudume

I love taking pictures. And I love my family. Put these two together, taking family pictures. Christmas is a beautiful season to make memories and keep them. A perfect way to keep the beautiful memories you make is to take pictures. Take silly pictures, pictures cooking and watching movies. Every memory deserves to be captured.

On the 12 days of Christmas, remember to have fun and make it one to not be forgotten.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

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