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I am certain that you have heard so much about mindsets. We go on about having the right mindsets when doing or expecting something. there are positive and negative mindsets that we could operate in. And while we hear about this often, it takes a while to grasp exactly which mindsets are good and which ones are bad. Most times the mindsets that we operate are not seen until there is an event or situation that exposes it. This year, we are going to be intentional about a lot of things including the mindset that we operate in.

“If you can think it, you can do it”

That’s one of my favourite quotes, and this thinking is done in the mind. If you believe in your mind that you will be successful, then you will be successful.

So, mindsets are the belief system that you hold on to, the thoughts that you live your life on and the ideas that you ponder on. These affect what you do, how you do it, what you perceive life to be and so much more.

Talking about mindsets can be a little too broad so I’m going to split this into two parts. In this part, I’ll share on 3 negative mindsets that you should not keep. You should run from these as fast as you can because they will hinder your progress.

  • Entitlement mindset

This is a common one but a terrible mindset to have. This mindset has two sides to the coin. The first side thinks and expects that people owe you. On this side, you think that if someone has it, then it should not be a problem giving it to you. You feel entitled to the good deeds that a person chooses to do. In actual sense, nobody owes anybody anything, and they do not have to do what you want them to do. This only work if you are being paid to do it. a practical example of this is a person A expecting her friend (person B) to give her a shoe because she has 3 pairs. And if Person B chooses not to, Person A gets upset.

On the other side of this coin is you thinking that what people have, they have because of privileges that they enjoy. I am absolutely certain that there are privileges enjoyed, and certain people have what they have because of these privileges. But there are also some people that worked hard to get what they have and get those privileges that they enjoy. Everybody has to work hard for what they want and let God bless your hard work. And let your generation enjoy these privileges.

  • Failure and Fear mindset

I put this together because it leads to each other. If you do not overcome fear, it leads to failure. This mindset is based on thoughts of impossibility. You think that if you try to do what you want to do, you will fail at it. So, because of the fear of failing at it, you decide to not do anything which inevitably leads to failing. Failing is not just being unsuccessful at something, but it is choosing to not do anything because you think you will be unsuccessful at it. This is the real failing, because if you are unsuccessful and you try again, you will become successful.

A fearful mindset is based on “I can’t” because of what people will say. Stop looking or listening to what people will say. Do what is best for you. Everybody goes through seasons of fear, especially when going into a new terrain, but what you do with that fear determines your success or failure. I hope you choose to be successful.

  • Self-limiting mindset

I’m tempted to say this is the worst. But I will say it is a really bad mindset to operate in. With this, no matter how great others say you will be, no matter how gifted and talented you are, you will not see it because you do not believe in your greatness. You reduce your ability with your inadequacy and weaknesses. You talk yourself out of opportunities and audiences that you will be awesome at. This mindset is as a result of so many things. Sometimes, because of where we come from, background, country or village, you think “Nothing good can come out of Nazareth”.

Sometimes this appears as humility. You tell yourself that you don’t want to show off or draw attention to yourself. The reason behind this is what differentiates humility from self-limitation. So, stop limiting yourself. If you do this, you impede your growth and progress and stay stuck on the same spot, expecting a miracle to happen.

These three negative mindsets are a great place to start working from as you embark on your personal development journey this year.

Negative mindsets to avoid.

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