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One of my favourite things to do is to plan. This will mean that another favourite thing of mine to do is to set goals because I can only plan with my goals in mind. Planning out my goals gives me the confidence to start working on its execution. Let it be known however that I have other favourite things to do. That being said, there are some planning mistakes that affects this process.

While I love to plan, and have been working with this for a long time with success, some others do not enjoy this process because they have not seen much progress. But this is not because planning your goals does not work, but there are some mistakes that we make in the process of planning.

Here are some of these mistakes.

Not writing things down

not writing things down- Tobi Achudume

I could write a book about the importance of writing things down (maybe a short book). As humans, we kind of pride ourselves in the ability to store up information in our brains. We are very intelligent beings and so it is expected that we should do this. But as intelligent as we are, we are also inquisitive beings. That means we learn daily, we learn something new and absorb new information as often as possible. for our intelligent brain to function properly and at its best, it has to let go of some information. This is what happens when you forget some things. And this is why you need to write things down. Put your plans to paper so that you do not forget what you have planned to do.

Mistake 1: Not writing down your goals and plans, and assuming that your brain is a magical creation that will remember all things.

Too many tasks to be done

to do list too long- Tobi Achudume

This is another common mistake that we have. Again, we like to think that we are super humans. In actual sense, we can be super humans, but not all the time, and I will get to this in the next point.

“We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year” Bill Gates

This singular sentence explains why we do not complete our daily tasks and feel like we did not achieve anything at the end of the year.

With planning for the year, we do not give it the time we require to properly look at where we are and where we want to be. We just come up with something we think should qualify as our goals in less than 30 minutes and think we are good to go. But when it comes to daily tasks, we think 24 hours is a lot of time to do 1000 things we want to do.

Mistake 2: You plan to do too many things in a day and too little things in a year. And this is one of the common planning mistakes made.

No scheduled breaks

no breaks- Tobi Achudume

There is a reason why we have work breaks and breaks at school. It is very much needed.

If you are not already scheduling breaks, it is because you are not conscious of your health- physically, mentally and emotionally. As much as it is important to work, it is also important to rest. Rest is a period of rejuvenation. You get more clarity and strength in the place of rest and this is why it is important. Because we are in a world of “hustle”, it is important to schedule your breaks. It is easy to get carried away with work and forget to rest and this reduces your ability to serve yourself and others better. One thing I love about the French people is their ability to take breaks with no apology. Now, I would not recommend you take as much breaks as they do, but you should rest.

Mistake 3: No scheduled rest. It’s not every time you sing Rihanna’s “work work work work work work”

No planning routine

planning routine- Tobi Achudume

So, you remember the quote in mistake number 2? Let me try to explain it here.

The easiest part of setting goals is setting goals. The planning part towards the execution of the goal is not a fun task. This is why a lot of us do not have planning routines or strategies. Having a planning routine helps you to plan effectively and be efficient at your execution.

A planning routine involves you having a specific time in the year, quarter, month and day to plan out the goals that you have set for execution. It means you are dedicating time toward your strategy session for your goal and this is a form of self-care. You are making yourself a priority. It also involves you choosing the time you will like to plan your day. This could either be the night before or the morning. Planning the day as the day is going is the easiest way to forget important tasks that you have to do.

Mistake 4: No planning routines

Vague goals

Now this one, we have all had at one point. It probably is the most common mistake.

Vague goals are the worst types of goals to have. Vague goals are exactly that, vague. Because of the way they are set, there is no specificity to the goals, to detailed plan for execution and there is no timeframe for the execution. Because of this, it is a challenge working with these goals. Goals are supposed to give you focus and direction. Vague goals are the complete opposite of that. There is no focus because you are not sure of what the goal is or how the goal will be executed.

Mistake 5: No specific goals.

5 Planning Mistakes to avoid in 2021

If you stop making these planning mistakes, then you are well on your way to having a better 2021.

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