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So, we have established the fact that procrastination is a character that we should be rid of. But what if you don’t even know if you are procrastinating or not, or worse, if you are a procrastinator? (Okay that’s not worse, just the same thing framed differently). My point is, some people do no not know that they are procrastinators, because some actions of procrastination could be read as being lazy or being a perfectionist (we would get to this in a later article).

So, Let’s get into today’s gist

6 signs that says you are a procrastinator (no offence)

  1. Your goals remain goals.

You do not have a problem with setting goals, in fact, you are a pro. But that is where it ends. You set all these goals ready for a new start but actually do nothing about the goals you have set. There is no execution plan. This is probably one of the biggest signs of being a procrastinator. For example, you have planned to start a new business and that is the goal you have set. But there is no plan on the steps you need to take to make sure this business is actually birthed and becomes successful.

  1. You are always overwhelmed

Being overwhelmed is not fun. You always feel pressured, tired and sometimes angry at the things that you have to do. When a deadline is approaching, you feel overwhelmed, anxious and it suddenly feels like you do not have time to do this task. This is mostly because you have not done what you supposed to do at the time you were supposed to do it. Right now, you need a work done just before the deadline and this makes you overwhelmed. A perfect time to have this feeling is towards the end of the week, month, half year or the end of the year.

  1. You are always late

Are you always making an entrance at events, parties, meetings and appointments? I hate to break it to you, but you are late. And the obvious reason why you go late to a place is because you have delayed the process of getting ready till a later time or have drawn out the process until it gets to the point of being late.


  1. Everything about you is for tomorrow.

There are no solid plans for today, as in present plans, but you have so many plans for tomorrow. You plan to make that call tomorrow, work on the business plan, and go to the supermarket tomorrow. But there is nothing on your table for today neither are you actively working on your goals today. You just rather plan to do them tomorrow.

  1. Always planning for the future.

Closely related to a hectic schedule for tomorrow but empty one for today, you have future plans. Magnificent ones at that. You have planned so well and are sure that you will execute these plans in the future. Your ten-year plan is solid, your five year-plan is air-tight, but you are not doing anything now that will lead to the execution, seamless execution, of that 5-year plan.

  1. You always wait till the last minute to do anything.

You are very much aware of the bunch of things that you need to do before the end of the day, but you’ll just rather chill till few hours to midnight before you start working. And if you try to trace why you have waited this long before doing what you need to do, you would probably not be able to point out to what you were actually doing.

There are several other signs to decipher if in fact you are a procrastinator or not, but this is a good start.

Let’s fix this problem of procrastination and you can start here to fix it.

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