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We are not new to the phrase “goal setting”. And sometimes we mistaken it for listing out the things you want to achieve. Do not get me wrong, listing out what you want to achieve is great. But what is greater is having a map, a plan that will help you to execute those goals that you have listed out. This is the process of goals setting.

“If you can think it, you can do it”

There are many versions to this quote, and they all mean the same thing, most of them at least. Before you start to do something, before you start seeing results and success physically, you have to have seen it in your mind.  Honestly, it is one of my favourite quotes of all time. If you can see the future that you want to live, then you are able to work towards that future. But thinking you can is not all you need to get the future you truly desire and want to live. Just wishing a few goals does not bring them into existence (except you have a genie somewhere in a lamp).

6 things you need in your goal setting process

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

So, you don’t just wish for your goals to be executed or for the future you desire to be manifested. It takes more than that. And we are going to get into that shortly.

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1. You need a goal

The most important thing in the process of goal setting is the goal that is being set. Obviously right? Yes. But there is a right and wrong way of setting goals. One of the biggest mistakes we make with goals (and they are a lot of mistakes) is that we make them too vague. Vague goals lack specificity, a time frame and a clear path. So, when you want to set a goal, your goal needs to be specific and realistic.

2. A plan

This is very different from a goal. A plan is a detailed proposal, a step by step guideline of how this goal is going to be executed. Within your plan, you should have very clear steps on how you are going to work towards the goal you are setting, the timelines for the goal, the strategies to be put in place and the routine you are sticking to during the process of implementation. Having a plan shows your seriousness and dedication towards the goal.

3. Self-Discipline

Before you start the process of working towards the goal, you have to be ready to be disciplined. Self-discipline is the ability to push yourself, stay motivated and stick to what you have said you will do. It has some elements of integrity in it as well as trust in yourself and your ability. Self-discipline is needed in the process of goal setting because for the goals you set to be executed, you need to be disciplined to stick to the plans you have set. This also keeps you accountable to yourself.

4. Time



Gone are the days when you set goals on the go. Goals set on the go do not result in seamless execution of the set goal. Now, you need to create the time to sit down and set the goals properly. It is with this specific time for the goal that you are able to break the goals down into achievable bits, put timeframes to the goal and see its clarity.

5. A planner/ notebook/vision board

You know I have to mention this. Where else will you plan out this goal if not on a surface that is visible? In goal setting, your goals need to be visible so that you are focused on it and remember that you are working towards something. Write the vision and make it plain so that when you see it, you will run with it. So, pick you choice and write your goals.

6. An accountability groupaccountability

With setting goals, sometimes you need a community to work with. A community gives you support, drive and a feel of belonging to like-minded people. An accountability group helps you to stay focused on your goal with check-ins and assessment. This keeps you focused and improves your self-discipline

There is a lot to say about goal setting, in the right way. Setting goals is not just sitting down and listing down exciting things you want to do. It’s a whole process. I am hosting a goal setting and execution workshop on December 3 and I will love to have you in it. I am giving this workshop as a gift and my investment into your goals. Click here to register

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