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I know that the switch from the old year to the new is just a minute, but the start of something new is another opportunity to set things straight and prioritize what is important. There a few things you should take seriously everyday this year. Coming from the year we have just had, it has to be a deliberate effort to make this year the best year ever. But before we get into the hustle and bustle of the year, and the events that come with it, here are 7 things you should prioritize this year to make it the best ever.

  • Your relationship with God

bible study- Tobi Achudume

This is key and a very important ingredient to have the best year, and is the first thing you should take seriously. Here I do not mean just going to church but building a strong relationship with the maker. Because as much as we plan for the year, God already knows what the year has for you. So, just imagine doing the year with someone who has seen the end from the beginning. But this relationship has to be built intentionally. A great place to start is to get a devotional that you can work with and choose a time that you can study, meditate and pray. Prioritizing your relationship with God is the best thing you can do for yourself. This year, I am more intentional with my relationship with God, it is a goal that shows up every year for me and it gets better yearly. So, I can definitely preach it to you. This year, I started with the Lady in Waiting Journal and Study guideTrust me when I say it has been great.

  • Your support system

Support system-Tobi Achudume

Who you have around you is super important. And you will be seeing this phrase “super important” very often in this post. Most times, the people that we have around can either make or break you. So, you have to be careful with the energy you surround yourself with. That you have been friends for ten years does not mean you have to remain friends even if it has become a draining relationship. Your support system is not only made up of your friends, but it is the group of people that hold you up and keep you up. These are people you can go to for advice, help and prayers. They will include your family, friends, coaches, mentors, and sometimes haters. Your support system is definitely one of the  things you should take seriously.

  • Your family

family pictures- Tobi Achudume

Yes, I have put them in the category of support system, but they also get their stand-alone spot. The family is the smallest and most important unit in the society. No matter the size, within a family are some of the best types of relationships you could have. It is also interesting to note that there could be the worst forms of relationship within this unit as well. Some siblings are best friends while some are great enemies. In having a great family, everybody has to be intentional about it. so, this year, invest in having the best forms of friendships within your family and see how much good it does. These are a group of people that you are always going to be attached to.

Jay Z rapped, “No one wins when the family feuds”

  • Your goals

Goals vs Resolutions-Tobi Achudume

Best believe that this is going to be on my list. Your goals should be prioritized this year. In this, I’m guessing that they are your goals because they are important to you. For this reason, they are of top priority. Let this year be that year that you invest in your goals as much as you invest in your boss’. Do not let fear or anxiety stop you from working towards the picture of you that you want to be by the end of the year. If you have taken the time to set your goals, then make sure that you execute the goals with intentionality.

  • Your self-care

Reflect- Tobi Achudume

I have to say this, self-care is very different form selfishness. Taking care of yourself is expedient in every season. Self-care is taking care of your spirit, soul, body and mind so that you are healthy and the best version of yourself daily. What we would rather do as humans is to work and hustle until we get so tired our health starts to fail. Let me remind you that the money you want to bag this season can only be enjoyed if you are in good health. Take care of your mental health- be conscious of what you let in and go out of your mind. Your physical health has to be so good your immune system should thank you- watch what you eat and exercise often. Your spiritual health should be on a hundred because it will keep you sane in a confused world. All of these is to say that you should carry out self-care exercises. Rest well, eat right, travel, go for a walk and just take care of yourself.

  • Your finances

Schedule-Tobi Achudume

This does not mean you should hustle. It also doe not mean you should not work hard. It means you should plan your finances right so that you are not caught in the web of hustling. Some people make so much money, but you do not see it because their finances are not right. Saving is one way to start prioritizing your finances. Watch your spending especially on things that you do not need to spend on. save a percentage of your income and invest a part of your savings. I say to do these for many reasons. One of the things that helps me with my investment and saving plan is having a goal for it. I invest my money to make passive income and I save towards a passion project or a trip.

  • Your diet

Healthy diet-Tobi Achudume

A little has been said on this in the self-care session, but I want to elaborate here. our diet is very important to healthy living and being our best versions. Having ice cream is not bad, having ice cream 5 times in a day is terrible. And diet is one aspect of life that we tend to not take seriously. What you eat daily is very important to your well being and this year, we need to be in the best shape possible. So, include more vegetables and fruits to your diet, detox at intervals, drink more water and your body will thank you daily.

There are a number of things that you should take seriously, but this is a great start.

What’s the one thing you have chosen to not play with this year?

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