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I stumbled upon an Instagram post (more like scrolled to) and Marie Forleo had put up this question- “How can I make this period the greatest thing that’s happened to me?”.  And I though this would be interesting to talk/chat about about. Especially now that we have some more time on our hands. So, I’m here to suggest to you a few things you can do in this period. Let’s call them Action steps

One of the things that happen when we think we have so much time on our hands is that we end up achieving nothing. Though some countries have come out of lock-down (and by this i mean one or two), a lot of countries are still on lock-down and some countries just got extensions. And this is because the world is trying to contain the spread of the corona virus.

In all honesty, this feels like the world is on a long vacation except with some conditions- you can’t go out, you can’t visit your friends. The only thing we are allowed to do is be home and maybe walk around for at most an hour (well, that’s not entirely true, but i’ll get to that in a bit). For some, this would feel like a deserved break, for others it would feel like the time to do more than we have already done and the for the rest, it’s a lost period.

So let’s get into these action steps.

action steps 101

Ps. There are lots of things that you could do this period, this is to ignite the thought.

  1. Learn a skill

If you have not noticed, a lot of learning platforms have made their courses free for the time being. So, you get the chance to learn something new, improve your knowledge or increase your knowledge arsenal. In my opinion, you can never have too much skill. And, No, you don’t have to come out of this period with a new skill, but it is wise to do so.

  1. Start a project

This is the best time to start all those things you have written down somewhere or kept at the back of your mind. The ideas you have wanted to start for as long as you can remember but because of work, traffic or any other reason that justifies why you haven’t started it, you can start it now because like it or not, you have the time to do so now. So start that project.

  1. Finish a started project

Another side to this project thing is for others that have started projects but have abandoned these projects because again, there is no time. So many of us have abandoned projects that we started in euphoria and then got carried away with life as usual. We are in another “life as unusual” moment so you get the chance to finish your project.


  1. Pick up a new hobby

One of the perks of this period is the amount of time that you will spend with yourself. That means you get the chance to have conversations with yourself, find out what you like or don’t like. It also means you get to explore new things and entertain yourself. This could be reading, writing, dancing, singing or any other hobby that you could try. I added this because there are some things that we see people do and admire. But, you have not had the time to try it. Well, now you have the time to try it. So, pick a book and start reading today.

I shared a few tips on how I’m surviving this period- My survival kit

If you can’t tell already, these are the few things I am using my quarantine time to do. Make this season productive for you, spend time with your family, set a workable routine, set structures and rest.

What action steps are you taking this period and what steps do you think i missed? Please share with me in the comment sections.

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