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Why wait for a massive thing to happen before we realise the importance of gratitude and why we should appreciate even the little things.

You know that saying “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”, yea, it is real and true. A little deeper than that is that we don’t value what we have until we lose it. And this pandemic that the world is experiencing, COVID-19, has made me realise how we even take the gifts that should appreciated for granted, or rather, we forget the values accorded these things until we don’t have them anymore.


There are so many lessons that we will learn from this pandemic and many things we will never take for granted after it is over. Today I will share a few things I will appreciate more than I already do.

  1. Hangouts and physical presence

See fam, the way we undervalue spending time with friends and physical contacts will change when this pandemic is over. Physical contact is simply the act of touching. Honestly, i am a home buddy but hangouts will therefore be a thing of joy for me after this isolation is over. (Please note that I am allowed to change my mind after me first few trials). Getting together with friends is something that could be taken advantage of because it could seem that there will be other days for you to play catch-up. Alongside that is being in someone’s presence. I honestly think that after this ordeal, we all should learn how to appreciate the gift of people.

friends around

  1. Having family around

There are several jokes of not being able to get away from family. Well, now I appreciate not being able to get away from family. Because family will save you from boredom with random conversations, memes and jokes. Most likely these conversations will not make sense to others. But the point is, this period of isolation was not as bad because of family that you could be with physically or virtually.

  1. Freedom

To just go out for a walk, a jog or to get something at the supermarket will be a thing of joy at the end of this. I already have plans to just be out when we are “released” (again, I am allowed to change my mind). We take for granted the ability to do things when we feel like because we will always have the time to do it. Lies. Now more than ever, I realise that freedom is a gift that should be cherished.

What have you learnt to appreciate more this period and what won’t you take for granted after this lesson?

Still trying to figure out how to spend this lock-down? I have something for you here.

Love and Light

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