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Am I the only person that reads a book with a particular reason in mind? No? Good. So, before I got Believe Bigger, I had seen it somewhere on social media but did not pay attention to it (I have no idea why. But I guess it was a book I didn’t think I needed to read at that time). Then a few days later, a friend of mine asked me to get her a copy. Her emphasis on not forgetting to get the book made me get two copies, one for me as well. At this point, I had seen another post on the book and an enticing lesson.

Reading the book has another story. So, I had gotten a legit and pure reason to now read the book and was ready to dissect it. I started reading and closed it after the first chapter. Why? I quickly realised that this was not one of those books you read on the move. So, I had to create a study schedule to properly read and get all I needed to get from the book and with that, I was good to go. I had a reason for starting to read “Believe Bigger”. But in the course of reading, I realised that my reason for reading the book changed. Weirdly, the reason I had to read the book only became very clear in the last few weeks. Now, this is different from the lessons I got from this masterpiece which I will share with you in this post.

Believe bigger-

Disruption is intentional, but it’s not an attack.

A shift happens for you, not to you. When we go through crushing moments, moments and events of life that break you, don’t see it as an attack. In moments like this, it is helpful to ask “God, what do you want me to learn in this?” Because it is such moments that God uses to strip us, strengthen, steer and supply us for that which we have been called for. Disruptive moments are to detox us of people, characters and baggage that cannot follow us to the ordained place. As hard as it may be to encounter disruptions, it is important to know that God is in it with us. We are never alone in any season.

Because disruption is intentional, it requires us to let go of what we think we know and trust God to work. We make plans, we follow what we think is best for us, even what God has said before and we stick to it. Sometimes, the only way to get us back is for God to allow a disruption that shakes and breaks you, but in the end, works for your good. God loves us recklessly that he does not want to loose us in anyway.

The place between “here” and “there” is very uncomfortable.

Believe you me, it is not comfortable. If you find yourself in this place, it means you have exceeded your comfort zone. It is a place of uncertainty, sometimes confusion, but it is not supposed to be permanent. The GAP zone will expose you to other aspects of your gifts and callings that you’ve been oblivious to. It’s not a pretty place, but it prepares you for reinvention, and puts you on the track of purpose. It exposes you to other expectations of yours.

When you step out of trust, you step into doubt.

That something is delayed does not mean you are denied of it. God prepares us before he provides. For us to get what we should get, we have to be ready for the new reality lest we abuse it. But the moment you allow doubt to set in, you open yourself up to the vision of lack and opportunity to make mistakes. You start to think you are not worth it or you try to help yourself and God to hasten what he has said. It is in this period that alternatives and distractions seem like the better option and your excuse God’s voice from the equation. Marshawn share a few ways to avoid this outfall in the book.

Honestly, this book is a must have and you can get it here

A little about the author.

Marshawn Evans Daniels is a reinvention strategist mentoring women around the world in the areas of faith and business. She helps turn their ideas in to income and faith into actions in her company. She worked as a pro-sport attorney and started her own sports agency. She is passionate about purpose, futuristic thinking, manifestation, entrepreneurship and travelling with her husband.

Get Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels here.

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