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Honestly, this was a timely book for me to read in this season of uncertainty, anxiety and confusion. “Breathe again” is a book that encourages us to inhale God’s goodness and then, we can exhale his blessings. We need God as much as we need air, and we breathe because God gives us breath. In understanding this, we let God be God and stop exhausting ourselves with frustration and desperation. We dwell in his rest and exhale his blessings.

With seven chapters excluding the introduction and conclusion, Ed Newton explains the breath of God with these characteristics- creates life, connects, revives, saves, inspires, guides and prevails. As much as I would like to state out everything that was said in the book, I can’t do that. What I can do is share with you the insight I got from the book in the following paragraphs.

Ps- Some of these explanations are in my understanding of what I got from the book.

The breath of life

We are all in existence because God breathe on us. In the creation story, for Adam to become a living being, God had to breathe on him. Not that God had not created other living things before man, but man was unique, a special creation that God had to impress his fingerprints on. He didn’t speak man into existence as the other creations, he formed and breathed man into existence. And he did this for many reasons, one of which is the purpose of fellowship and a perfect way to do this is in worship. So, in a chaotic life, where we feel helpless and hopeless, worship is the way to breathe normally and with ease.

“Worship is life and life is worship”

We always need God

Because we are created with purpose by God, we will always need him. With our gadgets and smartphones, we keep the manuals in case it malfunctions because we don’t have direct access to the manufacturer. We are God’s gadgets, and as much as we have our manuals, we also have direct access to our manufacturer. The best thing that we can do for ourselves and peace of mind is to let God do His things rather than trying to do things our way. For us to experience the impossible in our daily living, we need to let go and let God. Our words without the Holy spirit cannot bring forth life, so let him do the work. He loves to help us always. He is the strongest Dad ever.

Enjoy winning

The satisfaction and thrill you get knowing that God is always in the midst of everything you go through is priceless. It also gives you a sense of winning. Jesus already won the victory. So, we have the upper hand in every battle, challenge and struggles that we might encounter. The gift of the Holy spirit gives us illumination and help us live a free life, meaning we are free from fear, sin and death. All we have to do is walk in that victory.

A little about the author

Ed Newton has to be one of the best people to talk about the gift of breath. Growing up as the only child of two deaf parents, he was the voice in silence for his parents. He got radically saved in high school and continued on the path of religious and bible education up to his doctorate. Ed Newton is a pastor of the Community Bible Church. He is married and has four children. One word to describe Ed Newton is passionate, and you see his passion seeping from the pages of this book.

This book is a blessing and I definitely thing you should read it. you can get it here

“the moments that makes us feel as if it is hard to breathe are the ones that can become opportunities for us to give our breath back to God in worship”

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