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I love gifts, and I mean everything about gifts. I love to give gift and I love to receive them as well. Giving gifts goes beyond what the gift is, but the reason behind the giving. So, I appreciate any gift I am gifted. This does not mean you should give people what you know will not be appreciated. I am one of those people that if I am gifted a cookie, I appreciate it as much as I would appreciate a new wristwatch (hint). As long as it is a gift, I love it already. I like to think that I am good at giving gifts (well, no one has told me I gave a bad gift). So for today’s blogmas, I’m sharing with you my top three gift ideas and then some.

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Gifts should come from the heart and with love.

Note: be sure that you have an idea of what the person you are giving a gift to likes.

  • A gift basket.

Christmas gift basket

This has more though put into it, especially if you are customizing one by yourself. However, it is a beautiful gift idea. Several things could be put into a gift basket to make it special and unique to the person you are gifting it to. Some examples of items in a gift basket are shower sets, fragrance sets, a book and a journal, fruits, towels of different sizes (embroidered or not) and others. You could also choose to be creative and have a mix of everything.

  • A planner or Journal


A planner or journal will make an excellent gift for someone who likes to write and likes to plan ahead. A perfect period to gift these is at the start of the new year. Though it is a gift, it could also be seen as an investment in the person’s personal development.

  • Perfumes and Body mists


With this, you almost can’t go wrong. Well except you get a fragrance that has an unpleasant scent. Everybody like to smell nice and one way to go about this is to use perfumes that have beautiful scents. And this is why I say you almost can’t go wrong. So, if you are stuck on your thought for a gift, try a perfume or a body mist.

  • A book

Book as a gift- Tobi Achudume

Another investment in someone’s personal development is a book. But be careful to get a book you know will be read. People love books differently, so be sure to get a book in the genre that is loved.

  • Jewellery

Jewellery gifts- Tobi Achudume

Now this one could be tricky. Because individuals like different jewelleries. Someone that likes wristwatches could care less about a necklace or neckpiece and the other way around. gifting jewelleries is more personalised. You are almost sure that the person uses the item you are deciding to get.

Gifts could be anything and does not have to be limited to the aforementioned. Other gift ideas that would not break the bank are gift cards, pastries, chocolates, cakes, cards, concert or event tickets, movie tickets and many more. What to keep in mind when giving a gift is the expression of love that goes with it.

Happy Gifting

Happy Holidays.

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