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Traditions could either be good or bad, and Christmas traditions could be a little on the dramatic side. But, I think these traditions keep the season spirit alive. Today, I share with you 5 Christmas traditions you could add to your celebration that doesn’t break the bank or disrupt your plans.

  • Watch a Christmas movie.

Shot of a family watching television together at home

Watching a Christmas movie on Christmas day is magical. Maybe it’s just me, but there is something about Christmas movies. Even if the storyline makes absolutely no sense, I still enjoy watching it, because it’s not about the movie, it’s the season. This could be a tradition you are willing to try. It’s simply. All you have to do is watch a Christmas movie with your family on Christmas. Could be before the big meal or after.

  • Decorate the house with family.

Decorate the house- Tobi Achudume

Now, we don’t decorate my house, but we all sit around and let the decorators do their thing (we learnt very early that decoration is not our thing). So, we would do the basics like choose the type of decoration we want and just watch. That is our form of this tradition. For you and yours, you could actually enjoy the process of getting a Christmas tree and decorating the house. The point is that you enjoy the process of transforming your house from regular to Christmas.

  • Gift giving

Gift giving-Tobi Achudume

I am positive that at this point, you know I love giving and receiving gifts. And when is the best time to exchange gifts if not Christmas? Christmas. This is a tradition that everyone should definitely try. Because, let’s be honest, Christmas is all about giving. God gave us the gift of Jesus. So, one way to go about this is to wrap your gifts and place them under the Christmas tree. Or you could just keep them in your closet. Agree on a time to do the exchange and that’s it. It is fun when the gifts are opened right there because you see the expression on the person’s face and you know not to get bad gifts for people.

  • Home-made dinner-Tobi Achudume

This could be the one time you decide to try to give those around you a little extra in the kitchen. It could be cooking, baking or mixing. I have a post on Christmas meals already in this series, so you can try that. Or you could just cook your traditional dish with the help of those around you. The food will definitely taste nicer with the banter and gist going on in the kitchen.

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Happy Holidays

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