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It’s important to have people or someone that will always tell you the truth. Some of us leave in our own world where we can do no wrong. A world where everyone around you tells you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. The friends you keep tells a lot on where you are going. Although there are some people that have good friends telling them the truth but aren’t listening to it. It gets to a point that saying the same thing repeatedly gets tiring.

So, two things I want to point out in this article. First we need people or a person that will be truthful to us. No matter our status or the height achieved in life. Every rich man has a richer man he’s looking up to. There is no limit to greatness, someone will always be in front of you. Two, it’s not only to have someone tell you the truth. But also the initiative and ability to listen and act on the truth. When you identify the person that always seems to look out for you, it’s pride to discard their advise.

There usually are very few people with the ability to say the truth and damn the consequences. Especially when it comes to people they care about. I’m not referring to haters now or people that are probably just jealous of you. But people with genuine love for you, that want to see you succeed. These same people will still have your back no matter what. Even when you have a misunderstanding with someone. They will stand by you in public but in private they’ll give you the truth. I believe we all need one or two of their kind in our lives. To keep us in check and to push us to be better.

When you have such people in your life it’s very easy to identify them. Most times we’re never on good terms with them or we just want to be angry with them because we feel they’re too blunt. But to be wise is to take their advise as rarely as it comes. Like I said earlier, it will be pride to take what they say as whatever, when in our hearts we know they speak the truth. People like them don’t talk for long, once they discover you don’t listen they stop talking and let you go on as you please. They will still be friends with you but they’ll leave you to your decisions.

I personally prefer to have friends like that around me, and I pride myself in being that friend as well. Its better to have real people around you than those who would rather aim to please everyone even if it means lying or being fake. It’s really not possible to have every person like you and if you do then you’re probably doing a lot of things wrong. Not to sound too harsh, but even though you are the blunt friend, the way you speak your truth also matters.

You’re not to talk to hurt feelings but to make your friend understand your point and work on himself/herself. Sometimes we get too carried away by our ability to always speak our minds that we forget to sieve our words. In the last article posted we talked about words and how it affects people. If you’re too harsh with your words and it comes out in a way that ridicules rather than make the person understand you, then you are as good as the friend lying through his teeth.

So, what’s the point of this article? Be sure to have the right people around you. You’re not perfect, do not let pride deceive you into thinking you are, thereby discarding truthful advise. To the friends that derive joy in speaking their truth, be careful of how you do it. Always use words to edify.

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