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There are a lot of days we celebrate mothers, as we should because they are God’s gift to us. In this month of May, we have two mother’s days for different countries, the 9th and 30th. Some people choose to celebrate all mother’s day and others choose one. Well, since we have more of this celebration this month, I thought to put together a list of mothers day gifts that you can give your mom or a mother figure this season.

Mothers day is a great opportunity to remind our Mothers, Grandmother and Great grandmother that you see them, you recognize them and appreciate them.

Just before I go into this list of Mothers day gifts, let me tell you a few reasons why we celebrate these awesome women. 

  • They are so wise with words. They always know what to say and when to say it. 
  • Mothers know when to be your best friend and when to be your mother.
  • They will pray the heavens down for you.
  • They are so caring, sometimes I wonder how they do it.
  • Sacrifice is their middle name. Mothers will sacrifice anything to make sure their children are good.

Need I go on?

So, now that we have established that you need to get a gift for your mom, let’s see what gifts you could get. This post contains links that you can get these gifts from. I got you.

1. Jewellery

It is true we say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are other beautiful jewelleries that you can get. Mothers day is a great opportunity to add to her collection of jewellery. And I have just the right places that you can get some from. Engelsinn’s pieces are so beautiful and you can get 20% off with my code (Tobi_Achudume20) Jewellery’s hub has beautiful sets in ready made boxes. 

jewellery- Tobi Achudume               Jewellery- Tobi Achudume

2. Travel Jewellery box

Because where would she put all her amazing jewelleries when she is going on a trip? Jewellery boxes are a must-have for every mother. But sometimes, we forget that they also need this when they travel. A nice travel size box will be perfect and you can get this beautiful one here. It has all the compartments that it should have and could slip into her hand luggage.

Jewellery box- Tobi Achudume

3. Lipstick

A lot of people are very careful with getting make up because a lot could go wrong. Well, not with lipstick. Unlike powders and foundations, you do not need to worry about colour matches and finish (dewy or matte) all that good stuff. A lipstick in the right colour will make a perfect gift and you could choose from any of Jewelllez palace over 20 colours. Trust me, these lipsticks are beautiful. They do not move.

Jewelllez Palace-Tobi Achudume                        Jewelllez Palace-Tobi Achudume

4. A book

If you have a reading mother, then a great book will make such a perfect gift for her. There are several books that I could recommend for you in this section but my best pick is “When Women Pray” by TD Jakes. Bishop Jakes has a special way of connecting with women and mothers. And that is exactly what he does in this book. You can get it here and leave a beautiful note in it.

When women pray- Tobi Achudume

5. Personal development investment

A whole mother is a happy mother. And happy mothers make happy children. Investing in her personal development is a great gift that she will cherish so much. And this is a great way to do that. Gemame Institute has an online course on Purpose Discovery and in celebration of Mothers day, you get 20% off. The course will be launched on the 17th, so keep this in mind.

Gemame- Tobi Achudume           Gemame- Tobi Achudume

6. Pastries and Cake

You know your celebration is not complete without cake and pastries. Cake is such a blessing that it comes in different flavours. You may want to bake one yourself or order one from Tolubaker confectioneries.Cakes and Pastries- Tobi Achudume             

7. Perfume

Now, my gift ideas will not be complete if I do not add fragrance to it. Perfumes are beautiful gift items and mothers love them. This is going to be a difficult choose but the Gucci Bamboo is a great pick. It is soft and powerful at the same time.

Gucci Bamboo- Tobi Achudume Mothers day gift

8. Bags

I know for sure that a woman never has to many bags. They need a bag for every occasion. Elyat has so many beautiful bags that you can choose from that will bring a smile to her face on this beautiful day.

Elyat- Tobi Achudume                                 Elyat -Tobi Achudume

Notice how I didn’t include any kitchen appliance in this list? Because we can show our mothers love without getting them into the kitchen and eating their meals. Just self love and pampering.

So, now that you have these, there is no excuse to miss this day, and make it special for Mothers.

If you would prefer a custom made mothers day gifts, Elyat will source for, curate, package and deliver your special gift to you Mom. Just give them a call.

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