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It’s Fathers’ day tomorrow. So, let me be the hero to save the day.

Fathers are amazing and what better way to appreciate their amazement than to celebrate on this beautiful day. The role of a father cannot be ignored in society, as hard as we may try to prove otherwise. Fathers are strong pillars in the family and contribute greatly to the development of a child. Before I share some gift ideas for Dads, let’s look at three awesome roles of a father.


This is just an obvious role. Fathers are protectors in the family and it is in fact one of the things they find easy to do. There is always the feel of security that a child, at whatever age, has when their father is around. And this transcends to how we grow to be secured adults.

Unconditional love

One of my favourite roles of a father is this. A father (a good one) shows his son how to love right and sets a good standard that he can emulate. He also shows his daughter unconditional love and her expectations on love. When this is done wrong, we have sons who maltreat their women and daughters who accept to be treated wrong in relationships. 


Fathers are leaders in the home. So, while they may not create or set the rules, they enforce the rules. Doing this helps to “impose” discipline in the home, at least up till the child is old enough to understand right and wrong.

Now, to some gift ideas for fathers. 

I have some of these linked so feel free to use the links there.


Just as mothers can never have too much jewellery, fathers can never have too many cufflinks. They use it for corporate shirts and traditional outfits. And it adds beauty to their OOTD. This is a beautiful piece of cufflinks that you can buy.


Try not to get the regular white underwear for fathers this year. Simple T-shirts that they could wear in the house before bedtime or to hang out with their friends. Let’s keep the corporate wear for offices and official meetings.


I was going to put perfume here but this does it as well. A great aftershave does the job well and leaves a scent on them as well. One great option especially for skincare is the Nivea Aftershave

Messenger bag/sling bag

It’s not news that men have a problem with carrying anything other than their phones. But they still have some more things to carry like their keys and wallet. Maybe it’s just me stuffing all of these into their back pockets is not it for me. A better option is to get a messenger bag in the right size. This keeps all of their stuff and adds no extra burden to them. You have just saved a Dad.

Lunch/Dinner that they did not pay for

Yes I went there. Take them out for a beautiful dinner or lunch and just have conversations on how they have been good fathers to you. Even the strongest of men wants to be shown love and appreciation. Use this as an opportunity to do that.

So, what do you have planned for the fathers present in your life? Show them love and care in this season.

Happy Fathers Day

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