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In the midst of crisis, the hardest thing to do is to be grateful. We are facing one of the most and hopefully the last challenging time of this era in the world with so much uncertainty and disorder. It may seem like there is nothing to be excited about during a pandemic, or there is no reason to be happy. But in my opinion, this is one of the best times to reflect on reasons to be grateful and I will share with you a few reasons why. A heart of gratitude does the body good.


  1. Sadness and gratitude cannot dwell in the same space

A reflex response to being in isolation is to be sad and depressed about so many things (and I use depressed here lightly). Not knowing what to do keeps us anxious, bothered and disturbed. Thinking of the several reasons to be grateful keeps your mind off the negativity and madness that is going on in the world and keeps you grounded on positive thoughts. You cannot be in the mode of gratitude, reflecting on the good things that you have lived through and experienced and be sad at the same time. That is impossible. When you are intentional about a grateful heart, for the blessings that you have, then you cannot have sadness in that same heart.

  1. Gratitude takes your mind off the worry

The news and other media platforms already have a swell time sharing bad news and causing us to worry. Don’t add to it by meditating on these and encouraging a worried mind. There are so many things to be grateful for, if you get stuck on these reasons, the fact that you are alive is a major reason. Only a person that has life can think of what to worry about, so how about we start from there? Be grateful for the life that you have. With a heart of gratitude, you forget all the things that you worry about and focus on the good things around you. Appreciate nature, the air we breathe, a roof over your head.

  1. Gratitude reminds us that there is light at the end of the tunnel

When you think of reasons to be grateful, you would come across situations and phases of life where it seemed like there was no hope and you came out of such alive. You would remember problems that you have faced and came out ahead with solutions.  You would encounter periods that seemed like there was no way forward and a way appeared. And I am talking (I mean writing) from experience. With these thoughts, you would realise that this is another problem that we would come out of. Another dark tunnel that has light ahead.

  1. You sleep better

Nobody has a good night sleep worrying about what is going on. If you are focused on the bad situation, you have given fear a free gate pass. And sleep is important. Try this, before you go to bed. Think of one thing that you are grateful for and meditate on that before you go to bed. That is sweet sleep.

Having a heart of gratitude in this season is not easy, even writing this is not easy (not literally, but thinking about it), but it is possible. And in doing it, you become better at being grateful even in bad times. Living a grateful life keeps us off worry and ready and open for the next level of greatness.

Still unsure of what to be grateful for? Think of the things that you did not value before but will value more and be grateful them. I have a list of some of them here.

Love and Light

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