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And just like that, one-half of the year comes to an end and we are ready for the second half of the year. Hard to believe, but it is what it is. 2020 has been a lot of things for everyone, each person with different reactions, reflections and responses to how the year has been. However, what we all have in common about the middle of the year is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect, refocus and relaunch. I have titled these modes and i think getting through each mode will set us off to a great half-year. This is a good time to do just that.

So, in today’s blog post, we are going all in into the tea on how to have the best rest of the year.

half-year modes


The first thing that should be done at the end of anything should be reflection. And this includes reflecting on the past few months, weeks and days. Reflection means you are taking time out of your day, looking back at the things that you have done or not, what was accomplished, recorded successes or failures. In short, you are taking stock of the past events. This is usually not an easy task to do, but to work better with better energy and zeal, you definitely need to be doing a lot of reflection.

With reflection, you are not just looking to analyse things that did not go as planned, it also includes looking critically into things that worked how to see what you did right in those areas and ideas and energy you should be borrowing from those experiences into the next half. So, you get to ask yourself questions like “what should I be doing that I’m not doing?”, “what am I doing that I should not be doing?”, “how did this work out and why?” “how did this not work out and why not?”. Trust me, when you start this process, more questions will come up for to reflect on.


So, you know all those questions that you asked yourself in your reflection mode, this is time you get your answers. And in finding answers to those questions, you begin to realise so many things. You see the internal and external factors that played roles in where you are at the moment.

In getting these answers, it is important to remind you that you should not lie to yourself. And I say this because truthfully giving answers to the events and happenings around us is not the easiest task. Because we are mostly blind to how we contribute to the ways the worked out or did not work out. It is easier to blame others for our shortcomings and mishaps than it is to see where we went wrong and what we did wrong. So, honesty is a factor that you should work with in this mode, so that you are better ready for the next half of the year.


Finally, what you should definitely be doing this period is to refocus. With refocus, I mean this with energy, time, money and ideas. If you have done the previous exercises properly, you will see areas where you need to refocus. This could be you taking your energy out of something that is not working for you and putting it into something that will be productive. It could be you investing more money into a better yielding investment, example a personal business rather than sponsoring something that is yielding nothing.

In this light, I must mention planning. Planning is a league on its own when it comes to being ready for success. Because I have talked so much about planning, I’ll add this: have a plan of how you want the year to end, what successes you want to have accomplished at the end of the year, and work your way up from there. So, you are planning the next few months in line with your end picture in mind.

All of that being said, cheers to an amazing second half and great success with your goals and dreams

Love and light

Half-year mode

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