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So, I met a guy recently and what attracted me to him was in one word ‘neat’. Everything he had on was neat and trust me, I’m not exaggerating. He could have hidden flaws and all but honestly who doesn’t? This guy was casually dressed but he had class written all over, he had this carriage that screamed boss. Don’t get it twisted, I didn’t trip or anything, I just loved his look.

There’s always something about your look that could make you likeable at first sight.  To make this more practical, all this guy had on was a t-shirt, shorts and loafers. You’ll be wondering, what’s so special about that? Actually, nothing. There’s nothing special about except that he was clean. It was like he took his time to iron every piece of clothing and that tells a lot about a person already.

Most people, men and women alike, are nonchalant about how they look forgetting that its part of the things that determines the response you get from people. In case you haven’t discovered, when you look good, the way and the manner in which you carry yourself differs from when you didn’t do your best. For instance, a guy in a neatly tailored brown blazer, a cream coloured shirt, maybe a carton chinos with loafers to die for, or a nice young lady in a long dress with heels that speaks and make up on fleek. In this scenario, these individuals will be able to hold an intelligent conversation with anybody without feeling insecure. Why? Because there’s this self-confidence that comes with looking good.

Quick question. Why do you think people always admire outfits of celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, though they wear close to nothing? Simple, because of their carriage, their poise and the confidence they have in what they’re putting on. To you it might be rubbish but to them it’s the best and because of that we admire them. I’m not insinuating that you dress like them but you should admire yourself. Be special in your eyes so that when you step out in whatever you have on, you’re bold enough to take the day by storm and nobody can talk you down.

When you have a neatly cut or styled hair and everything on you is perfect what comes next is how you carry yourself. You can have on the most beautiful outfit, but if you don’t have proper carriage, you’ve destroyed your look.

What do I mean by proper carriage? I have a friend that no matter what she wears no matter how simple she has her head up. she has told herself she’s beautiful and her outfit is nice, so, her self-esteem can’t be affected by what anybody says. If you don’t see yourself as beautiful, when someone tells you, you won’t believe it. Which is why I earlier said ‘be special in your own eyes’.

If you’re unsure of how good you look then your self-confidence is non -existent so love you, look good, carry yourself well and you’ve got yourself an audience.

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