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At this point, it is not news anymore that I absolutely love Christmas and the way I celebrate it. But everybody celebrates this day differently. Some people have dinners, dress up and have a fancy celebration and others have a chilled out one. My Christmas day routine kind of transcends to my family’s Christmas day routine.

So, today I will be sharing with you my Christmas day routine.

Just before Christmas

On the day before Christmas, we are working with food. Though the process of cooking does not change, how we do it in this season is different. Everyone sits in the kitchen while we prep the meals. We do not cook the food, we just have everything that will be needed for the food ready. The only food ready on the day is the chicken. This is also the day that we wrap our gifts if they have not been wrapped already.

Christmas morning

Best believe that I wake up with a smile on this day. I’m not sure who gets up first, but it’s either I or my Mom. And we get everybody up to wish each other a merry Christmas.

Next up, we start getting ready for the Christmas service. As a Christian, we go to church every Christmas day. Again, how the Christmas services are held is different for each church. But ours is done like a love feast. We bring gifts and meals to church and exchange them. We hang around friends for a bit, eat together and gist before it is time to go home.

Now we take the fun to the next level.

At home, we get to the kitchen to start “stealing” the chicken that has been fried. And we begin the process of cooking. Not that you need more than one person to do the cooking, but cooking on Christmas day is a bonding moment for us as a family. So, all hands on deck. Our meals typically include jollof rice, fried rice, chicken, drinks and the n cake for dessert.

I’m sure you are waiting for the highlight of my Christmas day routine.

In my family, our Christmas celebration is in the dinner. We eat together and forget the etiquette of “no talking while eating”. We gist about anything. Considering the fact that we already tell each other everything, I really do not know what we gist about again. I guess that’s where the “anything” comes to play.

After the meal, we give our gifts to each other. I am big on gift giving, so you can just imagine the fun we have in this process. Then we sit with our dessert and enjoy a Christmas movie together.

Creating Christmas traditions do not just happen. And while the 25th of December is a date that we all want to be special, you have to make it your form of special so the day is important to you and your family. Christmas is my favourite time of the year because of the traditions that my family and I have built together to make it special every year. It is a deliberate effort, and we have all come to terms with it.

So, what’s your Christmas day routine like?

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Happy Holidays

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