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I love to travel but with a condition. I love to travel with my family. It was not until last year that I made my first solo trip and this experience made me to look forward to planning other solo trips (but this year happened). In today’s blogmas, I’ll share with you about my first solo trip.

My first solo trip was to the beautiful city of Milan in Italy. I have always wanted to go to Italy for the pasta and then more. Milan, being the fashion capital of the country meant I had a field walking into the stores and fashion houses.

Let’s start with the planning process.

You know me, I like to plan everything. So, right from the day I had decided I was going on this trip, I had started to check for the landmarks and places I had to visit to make sure it was a complete experience. I spoke to my friend who is a guru in solo travel and she had also told me some places to make sure I went to. Sometimes I’m a football fan, other times, not so much, so I added the stadium to my “must visit” list. The trip was for 3 days and it was a full 3 days.

San siro arch- Tobi Achudume

Solo trips could be very nerve wrecking because you are going to a new place with just yourself. This is the part where I mention I was so nervous because I was travelling alone for the first time. I started to ask questions like “Who will take my pictures? Who will sit in the restaurants with me?” But at this point, tickets had been bought and hotel had been booked, so no going back. Got in the plane and off we went.

Solo trip event

On the first day, I went to the Opera and it was a beautiful view. Now, I did not go for a show but at the time of the visit, there was a rehearsal for a show and we were allowed to sit in for that. Up until this time, I had only seen Opera houses in the movies and walked by them. So, I bought my pass and went in. The opera house also had a museum or gallery to show some of their past shows and great voices.

Opera singer- Tobi Achudume (My first solo trip)

opera- Tobi Achudume (My first solo trip)

Then I went to Leonardo Da Vinci museum which was not far from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and this is where I spent most of my day. I probably entered every story in the gallery but I enjoyed it. I couldn’t have been there and not visit the Duomo cathedral. It is a beautiful architecture, and a lot of things happen outside the cathedral. For a few hours, I just sat there and took all in- the singing, the selling and the cooking.

Gallery- Tobi Achudume (My first solo trip)

More walking

At this point, I had been walking for about 6 hours and realised it was time to eat. So I went into a restaurant and asked for pasta (basic and safe) plus, I wanted to see if there really was a difference between Italian pasta and the other I have been eating. Still not sure. Maybe the best place to see this comparison is not in a tourist area.

Duomo side- Tobi Achudume

On the second day of the trip, I had a friend come over from another city to continue the sightseeing. We started the day off with breakfast in a small café to get fuel for the journey ahead. It was a long fun filled day. First of all, we walked a lot, a whole lot and then we went to San Siro Stadium.

San siro- Tobi Achudume

At the end of the day, this trip was one that I didn’t know I needed until I was on it. And it made me look forward to taking more solo trips (as long as I have a friend I can call though).

Happy holidays

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