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Happy new month fam. It’s been an exciting month so far and I’m sure you have your new month plan ready. But before I share with you these things you should start the month with, I’ll like to remind you that you are doing great. You are putting your best foot forward each time and working hard to be the best version of yourself. So, as we start this new month, and the last quarter of the year, do not lose faith in yourself and in your ability to make things to work out for you. Also, do not lose faith in God’s love for you. This will be the best days of the year for you.

Now let’s put actions to making it the best days of the year. Here are 7 things you need to do at the beginning of this new month and the last quarter of the year. Consider these additions to your new month plan towards a great month.

Take some time to reflect

Reflect- Tobi Achudume

I am always big on reflection. It should be the first thing to do at the end and start of something.  Reflection means you are taking time out of your day, looking back at the things that you have done or not, what was accomplished, recorded successes or failures, challenging moments and difficult times. In short, you are taking stock of the past events. This is usually not an easy task to do, but to work better with better energy and zeal and to have better focus for the next phase, you definitely need to be doing a lot of reflection. And this includes reflecting on the past few months, weeks and days.

With reflection, you are not just looking to analyse things that did not go as planned. This is often what people think reflection is all about. It also involves looking critically into things that worked out well, to see what you did right in those areas and ideas, and the energy you should be borrowing from those experiences into the next phase. You are reflecting on both the things that flopped and the things that worked out.

So, you get to ask yourself questions like “what should I be doing that I’m not doing?”, “what am I doing that I should not be doing?”, “how did this work out and why?” “how did this not work out and why not?”, “what do I need to take into my next phase?”, “what should I be leaving behind?”. Trust me, when you start this process, more questions will come up for to reflect on.

The past is in the past, I get that, but that does not limit or take away from its relevance. To avoid making repetitive mistakes and sticking to wrong patterns, you need to reflect on the past.

Ask questions

Ask questions-Tobi Achudume

Never shy away from asking yourself the deep questions that bother you. I would usually say have a conversation with yourself because if no one will tell you the truth about yourself, you should. So, ask yourself questions about where you are now, where you are going, what you need to do to get there, how you want to get there, etc.

This is a way of reflecting on the last month and prospecting on the new month. It gives you clarity on your actions and inactions and gives you knowledge on what you need to do to reach your goal by the end of the year.

Set specific goals

Specific goals-Tobi Achudume

I know it is easy to get carried away with the need to achieve a thousand and one things before the end of the year, but that will just overwhelm you. Set specific goals for each month in the quarter. Does that mean I only have to achieve three goals this quarter? No, but it means you are sure to achieve three goals before the end of the year.

Let your goals be specific, clear and concise. This will help you to have a more productive year. So, you are setting one main goal and being focused on that goal until it is executed. Your goals need to be measurable and reachable as well. It should not be vague, but its execution progress should be “see-able”. For your goals to be properly executed, you need to have a timeframe on it. I have a detailed blog on goal setting, you can check it out here.

PS: You can join my Executive Mindset here if you need help with staying accountable to your goals and the execution process.

Lay out your plans

Plan-Tobi Achudume

One thing I make sure I do regularly is to plan out my day. Planning is very essential to personal growth and development, and your purpose walk. Plus, it saves you time and energy. Planning is you thinking on and writing out the activities you need to do towards the execution of your goals. So, with this, you are breaking down your goals into daily and weekly actions to reduce your overwhelm in the month.

Planning is a league on its own when it comes to being ready for success. Because I have talked so much about planning, which you can read here, I’ll add this: have a plan of how you want the year to end, what successes you want to have accomplished at the end of the year, and work your way up from there. So, you are planning the next few months in line with your end picture in mind.

With this in mind, you make every single day of the month productive and ultimately, the end of the quarter is a productive one. Your new month plan should see that you are not stressed.

Schedule everything

Schedule-Tobi Achudume

And I mean everything. Time is an asset and once you lose it, you cannot get it back. Therefore, we do not have time to waste any minute of the day. The thing about scheduling things is that it helps you to see where you have some free time or where you are overwhelmed with tasks.

Another thing this does is that it helps you to see the are of your life that you are not paying attention to. For example, you could give so much time to work that you lag behind when it comes to keeping up with your family or friends. Or you could spend so much time hanging out with friends that you reduce the quality of time and energy you are outing into your business.

Scheduling everything therefore includes appointments, hangouts, meal prep, business meetings, and anything you think needs to be scheduled for a productive life. This should obviously be in your new month plan.

Have a Budget

Schedule-Tobi Achudume

This is another vital part of successful living. Budgeting is creating a plan for you to spend your money and how. What happens towards the end of the year is that we start to live and eat beyond our budget. I guess it is because of the festive period. A budget is therefore a financial plan that helps you to see what you will have money for and what you need to spend money on.

Having a budget will keep you from debt and help you to manage your spending. And more importantly, it will help you be more intentional about saving. Budgeting instils in you the principle of discipline, which is very needful in your personal development. And is definitely something to add to your new month plan.

Declutter your space and mind

decluttering- Tobi Achudume

Clutter is suffocating and this why it is important o declutter. Decluttering means you are taking out unwanted and unnecessary things from a space. This gives you a clean space to work and execute those goals that you have set for yourself. Decluttering your mind means you clearing up your mental space and paying attention to your mental health. Sometimes, it will mean you are cutting off relationships that are detrimental to you or staying away from places you used to go often. This may be the hardest thing to do, but if you need to, then you should.

So that’s it, 7 amazing things you can start doing from right now that will give you a productive day, week, month and quarter.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share your feedback and thoughts with me. What will you be adding to your new month plan? I will be looking forward to them.

Tobi Achudume

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