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It is that time of the year that we start to see and hear about resolutions. New year resolutions are huge and everybody has at one time or the other made a few resolutions. With the holiday seasons coming upon us, people, including myself, are in the phase of retrospection, looking back and taking stock of how the year went. Also looking at the challenges of the year, the habits that needs to be changed, the things that needs to be done and the ones that need to be stopped.

With this comes the desire and need to make adjustments. How these adjustments are made is what we are looking at in this blog post. New year resolutions or goals are every one’s go to at the start of the new year.

Ever heard of the phrase “New year, New me”? That’s how we want to start the year, but can we sustain this “new me”?

set goals not resolutions

Okay, back track a little bit. What is a resolution?

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something.

Add a little twist to this and you get a new year resolution.

A new year resolution is a decision and/or promise you make to yourself to start doing something(s) good or stop doing something(s) bad at the start of the new year.

On the other hand, you get a goal. A goal is a desired result or idea you want to have and are committed to having within a timeframe. This will of course include some habits that you would like to stick to and some you will like to stay away from.


I really do not like resolutions and I’ll tell you why.

So, with resolutions, you are excited about the new year. You sit down and think up a list of many habits you would like to adopt or borrow and define them as “the new you”. You start to make this list from about mid-December and by the end of the year, you are good to go. By the first of January, you are ready to start walking in the shoes of your new you. By January 15, you start to forget some of these new habits that you were so determined to adopt. And by the end of the month. You just give up and go back to the old you.

Why am I so sure of this? Because this was me for a long time. I would make up a bunch of things and term them resolutions but before the end of the month, I had forgotten half of them. I am quite aware that resolutions work for some people, but this is just a few.

Try setting goals instead.

turn your resolutions to goals

Goals are more realistic and sustainable, and this is if you do it right. Want to know how to do this right? Keep reading.

In setting goals, you are looking at a few factors. First, your goal needs to be specific and clearly defined. A timeframe and timeline is very helpful with goal. Setting a goal helps you stay focused on what is set and be committed to it. My personal favourite about goals, you are able to measure your progress with metrics that you have put in place and restructure your plan if you are lagging behind.

Let’s turn your Resolutions to Goals

Instead of… …Try …
This year, I’m going to get in shape I’m going to start working out weekly this year
I want to travel to new places One of my goals is to visit 2 new countries this year
I’ll make new friends this year Rather than cancel outings, I’ll actively meet new people by going for events and hangouts I’m invited to
I’ll improve by personal development I’ll invest in a coach, read a book each month, towards my personal development.


These are a few examples of converting resolutions to goals.

Would you be interested in knowing more about setting intentional goals and executing them each quarter of the new year? Then I invite you to sign up for my execution mastermind. It’s a program for people who are ready to be intentional about their progress in the new year, set intentional goals and execute the goals that they set by each quarter of the year. In the mastermind, you will get to know a lot more about setting goals the right way to make sure you do not lose the zeal by the end of January.


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