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7 Things you should do this New Month
Happy new month fam. It’s been an exciting month so far and I'm sure you have your new month plan
Being accountable is not the easiest thing to do, especially with an entitled mindset, but it is a valuable character
So, we have established the fact that procrastination is a character that we should be rid of. But what if
Productivity tips
I must say, being productive every day or even most of the time is an admirable trait. One that it
why we procrastinate
Procrastination is definitely a universal problem. But, I think one of the ways to solve a problem is to identify
I shared a video on REST on my YouTube channel some time ago. (If you have not seen it, here
I’m almost sure that at this point, most of us are tired of seeing the word “entanglement” anywhere. Probably because
Half-year plan
And just like that, one-half of the year comes to an end and we are ready for the second half
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
Honestly, this was a timely book for me to read in this season of uncertainty, anxiety and confusion. “Breathe again”
We live in a fast and quick age where everybody wants to get and know everything quickly. And we have
Right now, I think the world is getting or has gotten a hang of staying home, physical (social) distancing and

About Me

I’m Tobi, a digital content creator

I create valuable contents that will impact you daily.

One of my many passions is to help people to grow daily into who they should be. This is a journey that I am on also. I am constantly learning and exploring how to be my best self.

What do I hope to achieve with this platform?

Simple. To inspire, motivate and help people to be the versions of themselves. This is my mission and I take it very seriously.

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