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This is me being fancy and bougee. But a Christmas playlist is part of the element to the memories that you make in the season. Trust me.

But it could be tricky making one if you have not tried it before.

So, on this episode of blogmas, let’s do a little breakdown of how to make the perfect playlist for the season.

The amazing thing about Christmas songs is that they are in different genres, so you are not restricted to a type of genre.

First, you decide what type of playlist you would like.  Would you like a slow paced or fast paced playlist? Or would you rather a mix of both? Start off with the slow-paced ones and then get into the merrier ones.

Next, surf the internet a bit to choose the ones that fall into the tempo that you like and find more enjoyable.

Your best stop for this is YouTube

Now, all you have to do is create a playlist on YouTube and add your songs to it.

Connect to your sound system and have a blast every day until Christmas and even after.

I have attached some of my favourite Christmas songs so you can check it out and borrow some. I must say that some of these songs are songs that I termed Christmas songs because they were released in the season.

Big by Dr Mike Jnr

All I want for Christmas is you- Mariah Carey

Mistletoe -Justin Beiber

Mary did you know- Mary J Blige

O Holy night- Hillsong worship

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

So get to making your special Christmas playlist filled with all the songs you love about the season.


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