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I shared a video on REST on my YouTube channel some time ago. (If you have not seen it, here it is). And the first person to come for me was my sister. This is how the conversation went.

Tobi: “Add rest to your productivity routine”

Absolutely nobody:

Sister: As if you do

No lies, I have to remind myself sometimes to rest because it doesn’t come natural to me. However, getting to the point where my body decides to take a break on its own volition is not a fun moment. And this is why I intentionally include rest in my routine. Rest means you are ceasing work and taking a break to recover your strength and your mojo. From doing this more recently and intentionally, I have realised three main benefits of rest as it relates to being productive.



  1. It gives you the chance to relax your mind, brain and body.

This is my first reason because we all know it but kind of underestimate it. We need rest so our body does not break down (obviously). But, we also need to rest so we don’t have mental breakdown or get sick. The way our body is set up, rest is part of the requirements to function properly. A well-rested human has a higher performance level. You think clearer, function better and execute faster.

  1. Rest gives you the time and opportunity to sit back, reflect on your past accomplishments and successes and be grateful for them.

Sometimes as humans, we like to push, hit a target and move quickly on to the next one. We don’t take the time to enjoy the win we have just gotten or reflect on how we got the win. Reflecting on past wins and successes helps us to find reasons to be grateful. Best believe we all need these reasons. Every win, no matter how small you think that win is, is a win and you should be grateful for it. These wins lead up the bigger win that we are expecting and hoping to see.

  1. Rest gives you the opportunity to reboot and come back with clarity.

One of the perks of taking time off work (in this sense, not restricted to office work) is that it gives you the opportunity to rethink and put things into clearer perspective. You are able to rethink on strategies, opportunities and steps to take as it relates to your next or present step. With this, you come back from rest with clearer goals and better zeal to forge ahead.


Sometimes when we think rest, we may assume that it has to be an expensive holiday on an island or something extravagant. Absolutely not. It could be you just actively using the weekend to do nothing that relates to work, journaling, seeing a movie or two or just sleeping in. There are different forms of rest. And it is up to you to know which form is better for your well being so you come out of it more productive.

Love and Light

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