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I got a question from my last article on shoes and what i think they are for men. Then I decided to do one for the guys. I, for one, think that shoes are as special to men as they are to women. I mean women have the luxury of being able to juggle between skirts, gowns, jeans, pant suits, leggings, tops, dressy shirts, t-shirts and corporate shirts. But guys are always down to shirts and trousers whether as corporate wears, native attires or casual wears, and, they have to make whatever shirt and trouser work to suit the occasion. I think it’s even more difficult to dress as a guy than a lady because you have to style up the same outfit in different ways and still make it look great making us have to put our faith in shoes.

Shoes could make you look better or not, classy or simple, dressy or normal. They are a necessity and not a luxury, So, what kind of shoes do we have and how can we wear them?

We have the dress shoes (Oxford, derby, brogue, monk, loafers, open lacing, closed lacing, no lace) which every man should have as he’ll need to put on a suit at a point in life. Other types are boots, sneakers, sandals and they all have their appropriate outfits to go with it.

When you are in a nice attire with the perfect shoes to match then you’re good to go. Usually the shoes are the icing on the cake. When you’re neat from your head to your ankles then we get to your feet and what we see is a turn off e.g. having a nice native attire on then you spice it up with lace shoes…(shocked face). We need to understand and accept the power of shoes, what they can do to you and for you. The most important though is boosting your confidence level, making you feel you can do anything.

The dress shoes are most times worn with corporate wears like suits, blazers and pant trousers. Bringing it home, our native wears are better worn with no lace dress shoes, loafers or palm sandals. But for casual wears (jeans on t-shirt or shirts) you could still go with the sneakers or loafers.

Please note: when you make up your mind to dress up nice please make it complete. For example, a friend of mine decided to go with the simple look by wearing a shirt on jeans but got to his feet and gave up by putting on slippers. That is so unfair to people looking at you. Not everyone is a fan of shoes neither is it everyone that cares about what to wear them with. But the truth is, whether we like it or not, they are important and an extra touch to a normal outfit.

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