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Right now, I think the world is getting or has gotten a hang of staying home, physical (social) distancing and staying safe. It is also safe to say that we are staying healthy and maintaining good mental health. Some countries are well on their way to the end of quarantine and some are back to “business as usual”. However, it is important to state that it was not all bad. There are some benefits of this quarantine and “forced holiday” and I share with you some of them.


  1. Force you to stay with yourself

It is interesting to find out how many people do not like to stay with themselves. What I mean by this is that some people cannot be alone with their presence or mind for longer than sleeping time. This could be as a result of so many reasons ranging from depression, you have just lost the sense of seeing yourself as a living entity or you are so engrossed in being caring and responsive to someone that you don’t see yourself in any other light. You are at your best when you are around people or with friends. This is not a bad thing in itself, it becomes a challenge when you can’t stand being alone. Why? Because it is in “aloneness” that we find our secret ingredient to the world. But with the situation of the world, you are home with your thoughts and family.

What you can do: Have a conversation with yourself maybe with a journal and a pen, or your phone, whichever medium of taking notes you prefer. Ask yourself the hard questions you would normally ignore- “Why don’t I want to be by myself?” (afraid of my thoughts, fell bored, don’t know what to do) “What has been my coping mechanism?” (busyness, work). “What can I do?” (get to know me, find out my hobbies or skills). Therefore, one of the benefits of being in isolation is that you can chat with yourself.

mental conversation

  1. Expose where you need stability/healing, could be physical, emotional, mental

So, you know all those feelings thoughts, feelings and emotions that you have covered up, guess when they pop back up? Quarantine period. This is not to say that you did not deal with these issues, it just means that, in the words of my friend, you have more time on your hands and your mind is playing games with you. Now, you can decide to play the games back with your mind or finally deal with the issues completely.

I must say that in this section I am talking about all parts of you, i.e. physical- healthy diet, exercise; emotional or mental (hashtag get your mind right).

What you can do: Again, have a conversation with yourself, ask questions; “How can I fix this imbalance?” “why do I have this imbalance?”. And then finally nip it in the bud so it doesn’t come up again.


  1. Birth ideas and goals

I’m sure I have said this earlier; it is in “aloneness” that ideas are birth. This is one of the best times to birth new ideas and goals or resuscitate formerly birth ideas. Think of some of the skills you possess and how it can become functional for you as a tool of impact. What are you good at? This should have been answered in your first conversation with yourself, but if you didn’t get to that question, here is another chance. How can this talent or skill be used to bring in profit for me, to write my name in the sand of time (whichever one rocks your boat)?

Make it a conscious effort to always see benefits in any type or form of crisis. Some times these benefits are not very visible but if you take your time and look closely, you will find some. Point is, this is the best time to have conversations with yourself and get to know you a little bit better and come out of this crisis better than when the world got into it. And if you have not done any of the above or benefited from the crisis, you still can. Here are a few points to start with.

Love and Light

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