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Sometime ago, I was in a conversation with a friend and the conversation almost became an argument. What were we arguing about? I’ll share soon but it was from this experience I started to watch how the mind works. And, I started with mine. So, In this post, I’ll show you a basic way of how the mind works.

What we were arguing about.

I had said I was expecting something, and this friend had looked at me and said I wasn’t expecting or ready for what I had said I wanted. For a few minutes, we started arguing. Going back and forth on why I was or wasn’t ready for what I knew I wanted. Can you imagine? 

A few days after this argument, I was scrolling on my feed on the streets of Instagram and got a shocker. The first few posts I went past were clear indications of how what I was expecting was clouded by what I was feeding myself. So, I began to meditate on these and it became clearer to me. Sometimes what you think you put out is not what people see. What you need can very easily be clouded by what you allow into your mind consciously and feed unconsciously.


Two types of mindset.

For a while now, I have been sharing on different mindsets that we have as humans. Some are positive and others, negative. The mind is very powerful and sometimes we underestimate how much power it actually has. And this is justifiable because we often think that we are in control of our mind. There is a vital reason why we are often told to be conscious of what you let into your mind, amongst others.

How the mind works. 

The mind is divided into two parts- the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is, obviously, where you are conscious of your thoughts and actions. The subconscious mind is where actions and thoughts that you have pondered on over time are stored. So the information stored in your subconscious is what you do and respond to without thinking about. It has become a part of you and so it is easily done. Both parts of the mind work together. The conscious mind is where seeds are planted and is where patterns start from. This is where command is given. The subconscious mind obeys the commands it receives. It is the subjective part of the mind. The subconscious mind asks no questions, it acts as commanded. This is where patterns are made, character and behaviour are built and where consistency is groomed. 

When you do something consciously over a period of time, it gets registered in your subconscious mind and you do not have to think before you do it again. When you think on something consistently, it registers in your mind and influences your response and actions to daily living. The subconscious mind helps you to react in the same way to situations wh n they happen, it makes your behaviour fit your thoughts, hopes and desires.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Your subconscious mind is very powerful because with it, all your actions and thoughts are registered. It knows your comfort zones and make it difficult to go out of it. This is where an alarm goes off when you try to do something that is out of your norm. It is also where, though you know better, you do not do better. Because you have fed your mind with the “not better” option.

Now back to my story, I had fed my conscious mind with so many thoughts on the opposite of what I was expecting that I did not know when it registered in my subconscious mind and I started to act in a different way. When you feed your mind, the conscious part with thoughts, actions, or inactions over a consistent period of time, you soon get to the point where you are not in control of those thoughts, but still reflect or react with them. 

In real life.

So, if over time you keep feeding your mind with healthy meals, if what you see on social media are pictures and videos of healthy meals and physical activities, unconsciously to you, you start being conscious of your weight, what you eat and how active you are. If all you feed yourself with are pictures that portray beautiful as naked, you begin to think you are not beautiful because you are not naked. On the flip side, if you feed your mind with uplifting videos and pictures, with sermons that build up your faith, you begin to walk in the steps of faith unconsciously as well.

In summary, what you feed your mind is very important to you and your lifestyle. Because from the conscious, these thoughts that your mind has been fed moves to the unconscious and become a fixed reaction. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to break habits.

In a subsequent post, I’ll share on what to do to fix mind problems.

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