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As established in the previous post, mindsets are the belief system that you hold on to, the thoughts that you live your life on and the ideas that you ponder on. These affect what you do, how you do it, what you perceive life to be and so much more. The mindset that you operate in has the ability to make or break you and this is why it is constantly said to be watchful of what you allow in.

3 Negative mindsets you should stay away from.

Today, let’s look at three awesome mindsets that will make your year the best year ever.

  • Gratitude mindset

A gratitude mindset is constantly looking for, in search of reasons to be grateful even in the toughest situations. It is you believing that there is always something to be grateful for. What this does is that it takes you out of the place of always thinking of lack and scarcity. It takes your energy from what you do not have and focuses it on what you have, thereby preparing you to receive what you want. Gratitude keeps you focused on possibilities and testimonies that you have had. It keeps you in a positive vibe. Thinking of lack causes depression and disappointment.

  • Abundance mindset

In simple terms, this is always believing that there is more. An abundance mindset maintains that there is more to go around for me and for others. Even if 10 million people already have what you want, you can get it because there is more available for you as well. This is another mindset that takes you out of the place of lack to seeing possibilities all around you.

  • Growth mindset

As humans, we are always growing physically. But this is not the only part of us that should experience growth. A growth mindset believes that you have the ability to grow and expand. You can increase your knowledge, your ability and your results. This mindset states that nothing is fixed and everybody can truly grow to whichever version of themselves they want. In this mindset, there is nothing like “that is how I am”. It believes that there is always an opportunity to grow if you truly want to.

These three mindsets are great starting points to begin to operate in positive mindsets this year. It is a step towards being the best version of yourself.

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