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Being accountable is not the easiest thing to do, especially with an entitled mindset, but it is a valuable character for successful people. A summary of what it means to be accountable is to be responsible for oneself and goals (tasks) and own it, be committed to it, remember that you are obliged to make it work and be willing to do so while keeping in mind the fact that if things don’t work out, you also have to accept the consequences and keep at it.

Last post, I shared in detail what accountability is and a few tips on how to have personal accountability. Click here to read.

Moving on, I have discovered a few reasons why you need to be an accountable person. So, let’s get right in.

It builds your trust with people

An accountable person is trust-worthy, and this makes it possible for people to trust. Trusting accountable people is easier because you are almost certain that your time will not be wasted. They keep to their word and are honourable. Where there is a culture of accountability, people do what they say they will. I feel like I have just said the same thing using different words, but you get my point.

It decreases stress and increases productivity

An accountable person knows what areas and aspects of his roles and existence needs more focus and time. Knowing this helps you to channel your energy to the right aspect in different phases. So, you are not stressed about not meeting deadlines and your productivity increases. You are not bothered about what the next task is supposed to be.

Being accountable keeps you focused on your goals

Apart from being a character trait, accountability is a success principle. Personality accountability makes you focus on your goals and avoid distractions. You have a clear vision and intend to work on it till it manifests. With accountability, you know the bits of goals to focus on towards the bigger goal and you don’t waste your time trying to think of the next project at hand. You just keep going.


It helps you keep track of your progress

While you are working on your goals daily, it is important to track your progress and measure your successes and challenges. It is easy to get carried away with work and not see progress. Likewise, it is easy to get disappointed when we see challenges and things going in unplanned directions. Tracking your progress will help you to get through overwhelming moments of extreme disappointment and ignored success.

Being an accountable person is beneficial to not just people around you, but most importantly you. Personal accountability is the icing on the cake. But sometimes, you need a little help in staying accountable to your goals. And that is understandable. This is where an accountability partner comes in. An accountability partner keeps your focused and accountable to you and your goals.

I’m hosting an accountability group and would very much love to have you join in. It’s an execution mastermind with a focus of helping you execute your goal before the end of the year.

Click here to know more about it.

Join in and let’s execute those goals together.

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