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A lot of times, we want to start something but feel like we are not ready to start. We are waiting to see perfection before we take the first step, an assertion that “if I start this project, it will be properly executed”. Often when we do this, it is because we doubt ourselves and our ability to do something great and excel at it. So, we would rather do nothing than fail. But if you keep waiting for perfection, you won’t achieve anything.

In this article, which will be divided into two parts, we look at- how to start when you are not ready to, and why you should start now.

What to do when you do not feel ready- Tobi Achudume

1. How to start when you are not ready.

  • Write out what you want to do. 

Make a detailed plan of what you want to do and that means everything. Write down “the whats” and “the hows” so you are not confused about the steps of action to take. The importance of writing things down is that it helps you to have a clear picture of what you want to do. Also, writing down what you want to do is the first step in moving it from an idea in your head to reality.

  • Highlight all the reasons why you think you are not ready. 

Obviously, there are reasons why you think this. So, note them down so you can see these reasons. When you do this, it helps you to see one of two things. One, your reason is justifiable or two, it is ridiculous. Any excuse that you have in your head when you think of what you want to do seems legit. But when you put it down and look at it, it most times seems very insignificant.

  • Note down all the reasons why you should and what makes you the best person to start. 

The fact that you have thought of this idea means there are reasons you think you should be doing this. So, sit down and list out these reasons. No matter how insignificant you think this reason is, note it down. That might just be the reason that makes you take the first step.

  • Compare your notes on why you should start and why you shouldn’t. 

This is the interesting part. Compare the reasons why you think you are not ready to start with the reasons why you are the best person for the job. See which side carries more weight and which one you would rather lean towards.

  • Break down the project into achievable bits and get to work. 

One of the reasons we find it difficult to start a project is because we look at it in the whole. When you get an idea or a project, the first step is to break it down into small bits and work bit by bit. Do not overwhelm yourself with the size of the work. When you break it down, you eliminate your excuses and see that it is doable.

Watch “How to start when you are not ready

2. Why should you start?

  • If you do not start, it will not get done. 

So many of us have so many awesome ideas that if you do not do it, it will not get done. Yes, several people can get the same idea, but execution is different. And the fact that you got the idea shows that you are a great candidate for the role as well.

  • Your idea might be the solution to someone’s problem. 

There are always problems in the world, it is only wise to think that we should have solutions to these problems that we have. These solutions come in ideas, and ideas are given to us to execute.

  • A well done job does not magically become well done. 

If you want it well done, you start from the trials, the imperfects and learn from them till it gets to the perfect well done job you want.

Truth is, we can never feel 100% ready to start something, especially one that we want to succeed at by all means. But you can turn that fear to fuel to start and watch yourself surprise yourself with progress.

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