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One of my favourite things to do in December is to watch movies. There are so many Christmas movies out and what best time to watch them than in the season. Let me share with you a few reasons why I love these movies

Christmas movies are family friendly

Shot of a family watching television together at home

There is a reason why movies are rated. It’s because not every age group is allowed to watch some movies. Some movies are kids friendly and others are not. Christmas movies are family friendly, which means everyone in the family from different age groups can watch one and have a good time.

They are calming and relaxing

And as movies are rated differently, they also come in different genres. We have action, fantasy, romance, thrillers and others. Christmas movies are calming and relaxing. There are no hidden actions in it, and in most of them, it’s all laughter. So, you get a calm movie that relaxes you and probably makes you laugh.

There is always a Christmas miracle

Christmas-atmosphere-TOBI ACHUDUME

Many people hope for and work for so much during the year. But by the month of December, we begin to wonder if and when we will get that one thing that we have been expecting all year round. In Christmas movies, these things often come as a Christmas miracle. A character wanting to start a side business and by December, she is able to do so, or a one who is finding love and by the Christmas lighting event falls in love with a beautiful woman. The movies know that miracles can still happen even in the last days of the month, as should we.

If you are stuck and don’t know what to watch, YouTube is your friend. There lots of Christmas movies on there and one channel to visit is the Hallmark Christmas movies. They have nice and chilled out family friendly movies that you can enjoy.

Happy Holidays

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