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It’s the beginning of a new year and the time to set goals and plan towards a better year. A few people are already done with planning, some have an ambiguous idea of what the new year is going to look like for them. Others just want to slide into the year and continue with business as usual.

Though I will very much like to say that there is nothing wrong with sliding into the new year, our constant aim is to become better versions of ourselves on a daily basis. Now, how do we want to be better if we do not plan to be better? In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Not planning at all is actually planning negatively.

Planning is an essential art that everyone should be willing to do. We already have lots of things to do with jobs, climbing the corporate ladder, raising families and sliding in a day or night of fun. Why not do these things in an organised manner, that way, you don’t get overwhelmed with all you have to do.

So, let’s get started. Here are 4 importance of planning.

  1. Planning helps you to manage your time

Time management is an important characteristic for a more productive life. When you have a plan for what you want to achieve and how you want to accomplish it, then you don’t have to start thinking of what you should be doing, when and where. An example- you already planned what you are going to have for dinner, so you have all the ingredients you need for preparation. As a result of this, you have saved yourself some minutes of thinking of what to eat and then having a late dinner, (which we are trying to avoid).

Planning saves time. I shared about time management some time ago, you can check for it here.

  1. Planning puts you in the right direction-towards productivity.

A plan is a step by step process towards accomplishing a goal. Planning towards a goal therefore means you have your guidelines on how to go about executing your goals, so you don’t get stuck in any way. At the end of one step, you know what the next step is because you have planned it out already. Since the end game is to achieve a goal, planning towards it gives you a map, and working towards it leads you straight to productivity and success.

  1. Planning helps you stay organised

A part of this point should include self-discipline, but that is not the focus here. Following through with your plan keeps you organised. Half of the job is done by having a clear plan. With this, the year is organised- you know what to do, when to do it and where to do it. Hence, you are not going through the year haphazardly or going jumping from one task to another. You are living and going through the new year as an organised person.

  1. Planning makes you efficient

Because you have planned through the year, you have maximised your time properly and saved you some. Working towards the right direction with an organised plan makes you an efficient person. Planning towards your goals means that you are ready for a successful year. If you have effectively planned and are ready to run with your plan, then you will be efficient. Why? Because, you would be working towards achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted time and effort.

Planning may seem like a bore, but you can make it an interesting activity because you are planning for yourself. So, you can plan based on your personality and wants. If you need the time to be spontaneous, include it and then choose what you want to do in that time. But then again, having a successful life includes making sacrifices. If planning is still a bore to you, see as a sacrifice you are making towards a better year.

Another excuse people often give for not planning is that plans change. Again, your plan is done by you for you. So, if there is a change, you can effect it to ensure it does not affect the achievement of your goals.

To be more productive goes beyond planning to be. Apart from this, you have to follow through with your plan and do the work. Set your goals, plan towards them and work towards them.

I have a created a simple to use printable planner that I think will be very helpful this year. Click here to get this gift.

Happy New year. Cheers to an amazing year


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