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Humans generally are quick to judge based on what they see. Ignoring who the person truly is and focusing on what they want to see. As a result of this, most people are and have been victims of body shaming and embarrassment. No matter how you try to stay discreet and hidden, some people will have what to say. But we should try to give them less to say. It’s  imperative that people do not judge because you cannot tell who a person really is. Except you get to know them. You don’t know the reason behind anyone’s behaviour or anger so you actually do not need to have an opinion. In other situations apart from gossip and envy, there are people that might be important on your way to success. What they see about you in terms of character and outward appearance determines what they do.

To give people less to talk about and for our helpers to see the right thing it’s important we work on our covers. As humans are quick to judge, the judged are also quick to give the excuse of they don’t know me. As true as it might be that they do not know you, sometimes what they detect even from the outside is true. God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance, humans on the other hand look outside. Since at different points in time we will need man’s help, then we have to work on what they see. Do not misunderstand me, I do not support writing a person off based on one impression. But you might not have the opportunity to give a better impression especially to someone that matters, so why not train yourself to always be the best you can be at every point.

Aspects that affect what people see:

Your character: I saw a funny quote sometime ago that said ‘You may be a good person deep down on the inside, but I don’t walk around with a shovel’. As funny as it is, it has a deep message. I’ve met people that feel ‘yea, they don’t know me so they can say whatever’. If someone wants to get to know you and you feel the person is important you can be fake and act right, but who are you when no one is watching? What aura do you give out? People do not have time to wait to see what’s on the inside, the world is moving fast, so they accept what they see, Your cover.

Bad character can be sighted from a distance. Arrogance, pride, rudeness, being mouthy, ignorance etc. can be picked up from the first encounter. So you tell a lot about yourself from your aura and first statement. Don’t be rude or arrogant, the best of people are the classy and humble ones. You either just like them at first sight because they have perfected their cover or you do not depict anything from them except you get to know them (this is a skill I’m still working on), they are just bland but still very much likeable.

We have pushed people away from us that we are not even aware of, so let’s be cautious from today. We don’t expect everyone who meets us to like us but do not let it be because of a character flaw that you are written off. Through your character and what we see, a story can be told as well as a concluded summary.

Your looks: it’s understandable that there are times we just do not feel like dressing up and would rather wear anything. Well I sometimes feel that way. Regardless of this, it’s essential to our covers that we look as good as we can. Every occasion demands a mode of dressing. It’s not at this point we should say, ‘I don’t care who is looking at me’ or ‘we are going to show them who we are’. I do not want to go so in-depth on this in order not to cause any controversy. But the point is your look says a lot about your cover. Do not, because you want to impress with your outfit, embarrass yourself or because you don’t want to be seen also embarrass yourself.

Your look tells a lot about you, your facial expression, your outfit, your fragrance and neatness. Do not allow people have the wrong impression about you. No matter how much we tell ourselves we do not care, to some extent we do care. How you look also determines the kind of people that come around you. So do not be deceived into thinking it does not matter.

Bad character shows, nonchalant outlook on life shows, we don’t have to get to know you to see that. Be good, look good and speak good. You don’t necessarily have to open a book to know if it’s worth buying or reading, from the cover page, the title and synopsis you can make your decision.

So, let’s fix our covers, it saves us a lot of explanation and storytelling.

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